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Disability Insurance Benefits

Dallas-Fort Worth Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits Attorney

When applying for Disability Insurance Benefits, you want your situation to be understood. At the Law Office of Ronald D. Honig in Dallas, Texas, we will listen. In addition, we will ensure that the Social Security Administration hears the case we present on your behalf.

How You Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits

Employees, employers, and even the self-employed pay for Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) with their Social Security taxes. You qualify based on your work history and what you have paid over a certain period of time. Generally, the more you have paid, the larger the benefit you receive if you become disabled.

Presenting Your Case

A disabling injury changes your life. The physical damage can lead to frustration on all levels, especially when you feel that no one is listening to you. That is a major concern of all our clients. We understand what you are going through. Count on us to be your advocate throughout the entire process and to passionately present your case.

Our goal is to demonstrate that you have a valid claim to get you your Social Security Disability Benefits. We will conduct a thorough and detailed case assessment of your Social Security Disability claim. Physicians will be contacted to provide us information in support of your claim. With that arsenal of data, we can present your claim before the Social Security Administration.

Diligence and Persistence

Remember that the information we receive is key to our effectiveness. We are diligent and can represent you even if it takes several hearings and appeals. Attorney Ronald D. Honig and his staff will not allow your Social Security Disability Benefits case to fall by the wayside.