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Social Security Disability Overview

Dallas Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income Lawyer

While we value the expertise that a doctor provides, we take things a step further and analyze all aspects of your disability at the Law Office of Ronald D. Honig in Dallas, Texas. Disability affects every part of your daily life and that should be taken into account when it comes to receiving your entitled benefits. We focus our entire practice on Social Security law and have successfully handled cases in the following areas:

Disability Insurance Benefits

When a client cannot return to work and Social Security denies their claim, they need immediate and knowledgeable representation. We will conduct a thorough case assessment to determine if there is a valid claim for benefits. Based on the available evidence and information, we will present the case before the Social Security Administration. If your initial application is denied, we can fight for your rights through the appeals process.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

While the process for applying for SSI can be lengthy, we can utilize our network to put you in touch with social service agencies to help you until your case is heard or appealed. Clients have come to us after losing a job, often without any savings. To see a doctor and prove your need, we will connect you with a county agency to see if you qualify for indigent health care.

SSI Children’s Benefits

Securing benefits for your child often takes great persistence due to the difficulty of these cases. If your child suffers from any physical or mental health issues and is entitled to benefits, we will handle all aspects of the case with the goal of obtaining a successful resolution. We will partner with your doctor to ensure all episodes of illness are documented, your child maintains his or her prescription medication, and all records from the school have been secured.

Social Security Disability for Family Members

Benefits are available for your family members, including children through the age of 18 if they are a full time student in high school or longer if the child is disabled. Spouses of a disabled or deceased wage earner may also qualify if they are the primary caregiver for their child. We facilitate the entire process from initial application to processing to appeals, when necessary. Contact us to speak with an experienced and dedicated lawyer.