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Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Texas Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Attorney

Arguing a Supplemental Security Income (SSI) case for our clients requires thorough preparation and an aggressive approach in considering all options and potential outcomes. We have extensive knowledge of the law and a network of resources to help you at the Law Office of Ronald D. Honig in Dallas, Texas.

Qualifying for SSI and Applying Immediately

Supplemental Security Income is for disabled individuals and elderly people who have very little, if any, income. SSI is not based on previous work or that of a family member. It is a program financed through general tax revenues, not Social Security taxes. Please know that you should apply immediately to avoid the potential loss of any Supplemental Security Income benefits you are entitled to.

Client Concerns and How We Can Help

Our clients’ concerns include losing their insurance following the loss of a job. With no insurance, they cannot afford to see a doctor who can help explain their medical situation. Others are concerned about the lag time between when their Supplemental Security Income benefits are approved and when they will actually be paid.

At the Law Office of Ronald D. Honig , we can help you. For the uninsured, we can put you in touch with a county agency to apply for indigent health care. We can also work through state and community agencies to secure medical care for you. For those who do not have the financial resources to wait for their first benefit payment, either following approval or during the appeal process, we can arrange for emergency disability payments through the Social Security Administration.

Time is of the essence. You do not want to lose any benefits. Contact us today.